Tuition & J Term Scholarships

Nearly every Hartwick student needs some degree of financial assistance to take advantage of the opportunities our College offers.

Collaborating with professors, testing topics across the liberal arts, finding expression in the arts, landing an internship, studying abroad – for almost every Hartwick student, donor gifts make these and other experiences possible.

The time is now to endow a scholarship in your name of that of someone you wish to remember or honor. You can make an outright gift, a multi-year pledge, or a planned gift. You can reach endowment level with your gifts alone or by pooling your resources with those of family, friends, or colleagues. (Recent examples of the latter include the scholarship recognizing Professor John Clemens and the J Term fund honoring Professor Wendell Frye.)

To talk about endowing a scholarship for tuition support or off campus J Term study, please contact the Office of College Advancement at or 607-431-4011.

Not ready to endow your own fund? Help by growing an existing scholarship instead.
Learn about current and pending scholarships. 

Our students thank you for stepping forward.

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