Student Handbook

Student Handbook Table of Contents

The information, policies, and procedures contained in this handbook are subject to the authority of the Hartwick College Board of Trustees and powers delegated to the president and the officers of the College designated as responsible for their oversight.

Student Conduct
Core Values
Code of Student Conduct
Student Conduct Process
Student Privacy Rights, Notification and Confidentiality
Disciplinary Records and Clearance
Campus Organizations and Greek Life
Parental Notification Policy
Student Conduct Records 
Letters of Recommendation
Right to Privacy for Students Engaging in Off-Campus Educational Experiences
Right to Privacy for Students Living On-Campus
Background Checks
Criminal Investigations of College Policy
Psychiatric Intervention Policy
Student Conduct Clearance 
Peaceful Assembly & Protest

Alcohol and Illegal Drug Policies
Alcohol and Substance Use Policy
Summary of New York State Laws Governing Alcohol

Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy
Notice of Non-Discrimination
Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy
Sexual Misconduct Policy
Non-Fraternization Policy
Bias/Hate-Related Incidents

Greek Organizational Relationship to the College

Academic Policies and Regulations
Academic Policies & Procedures
Academic Honesty
Academic Residency Requirement
Full and Part Time Status
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Access to and Release of Educational Records
Change of Name and/or Address
Academic Majors and Minors
Academic Standards of Progress
AccessAbility Services
Transfer Credits
Assignment of Credit Hours
Leaves, Withdrawals and Suspensions
Study Abroad
January Term Participation
Semester-Long Study Abroad Participation
Independent and Directed Studies
Non-Credit Study
Official Transcripts
Protection Against Prejudicial or Capricious Grading
College Honors
Tuition and Fees

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