Technology for New Students

Hartwick College strongly recommends that students bring a laptop computer to college. See our recommendations for what to bring.

Residence halls have both wireless and Ethernet networking available. Personal wireless routers cause significant interference and are not permitted on campus.  Game devices and smart TVs may be registered and connected to either our Ethernet or wireless Hawks-Device networks.

Before you come
Be sure that you have run all Windows or OSX updates, and be sure that you have one working anti-virus program on your computer before coming to campus.

Be aware of your computer’s warranty status and expiration date, and make a note of any product/license keys for software which you have installed, in case you need to reinstall later. Bring any operating system or other disks with you to campus and keep them in a safe place.

Students are provided with some free printing every term and can charge additional printing to WICKit. Printing can be done from the library or computer labs, or directly from your own laptop or even your smart phone! For more information about printing options, see Uniprint. You may bring a printer to campus, but the TRC will not provide support for personal printers.

Computer Repair
The Technology Resource Center, located on the first floor of Clark Hall, is available to assist students with technology issues. We are certified to perform HP Business Class and Apple warranty service. Please see TRC Services for Students for more information.

WICKit Card
Your Hartwick College student ID card (called WICKit) allows you entry to your residence hall and many events, allows access to your meal plan, and also has a WICKit declining balance option for purchases such as vending, laundry, bookstore and many off-campus merchants. See our WICKit page for more details.

See for more information and the channel lineup.

Although most students bring cell phones to campus, every residence hall is equipped with a hall phone for making local calls at no cost. Long distance calling requires use of a calling card.