Accounts Payable Policy

Valid Expenses

College policy allows payment or reimbursement for business related expenses. The College qualifies as a not-for-profit entity under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS guidelines and therefore must ensure expenses qualify as a business expense. Federal and private grants require specific payment and reimbursement terms. The IRS also has strict guidelines for employee reimbursement requirements that the College follows.

General Guidelines

Departments needing payments for honoraria, invoices without related purchase orders, or non-travel related reimbursement should complete a Check Request, attach supporting documentation (contract, invoice, or original acceptable receipts/proof of payment), have the request approved by the appropriate vice president or department head, and submit it to the Accounts Payable department in Financial Services, Bresee Hall. The business office requires original signatures for auditing purposes. Please note, you cannot approve reimbursement to yourself or your immediate family.

Departments or individuals needing travel advances should submit a Travel Advance Request at least five business days prior to needing the funds, have the request approved by the appropriate vice president and submit it to Accounts Payable. Travel advance requests are not to be used as reimbursement requests and should not be used to fund purchases that could otherwise be paid directly by the college such as airline tickets or hotels. Within fifteen days of completion of travel, a completed Travel Expense Report along with original receipts and any unused funds should be returned to the Cashier. If a balance is owed to the requester the form and receipts should be returned to Accounts Payable.

All other goods or services purchased for the College require a Purchase Order. Submit a Material Requisition Form with appropriate documentation.

Credit Card Policy

Credit Card Policy Agreement

Cardholder Eligibility
Employees who travel frequently on Hartwick College (College) business can request a College credit card (Card). The request for a Card, approved by his/her supervisor, and respective Vice President, should be submitted to the College’s Controller. Each individual Cardholder must sign this Cardholder agreement which will be retained in the Finance Office.

Cardholder Responsibilities

  1. The Card is to be used for College travel related business only
    2. All detailed sales slips must be submitted to Accounts Payable with the approved College’s Expense Report within two weeks from the day the traveler returned or if advance travel plans are made, two weeks from the date the charges were made.
  2. Cardholders are responsible to verify the accuracy of their statement when it arrives and to assure that all charges have been included on expense reports and submitted to Accounts Payable.  Statements do not need to be forwarded to Accounts Payable.
  3. Attempt to resolve disputes or billing errors directly with the vendor and notify the Financial Services Office if a dispute or billing error has not been satisfactorily     resolved.
  4. Ensure that an appropriate credit for the reported disputed items or billing error appears on a subsequent billing statement.
  5. Accepting cash in lieu of a credit to the Card account is not permitted.
  6. Other individuals are not allowed to use the Card.  The Card should remain in the Cardholders possession and be kept secure.
  7. Immediately report a lost or stolen card to the Financial Services Office.
  8. Return the Card to the Financial Services Office upon terminating employment or if the Card is no longer needed for the employee’s position.

Payment Procedures
Payment will be made directly to the credit card company by the Finance Office each month. 

Card Termination
A credit card account will be closed if a Cardholder:
1. Moves to a new job not requiring travel or no longer needs a Card in their current position. (i.e. after completion of J Term programs)
2. Terminates College employment
3. Fails to produce receipts or documentation in a timely manner (within two weeks, as stated above) or responds to requests to produce receipts or documentation
4. Knowingly uses the credit card for personal purchases. 

Petty Cash Policy

Petty Cash can be administered as per the following guidelines; however, reimbursement of expenses is preferred over petty cash. Whenever possible, please complete transactions and request reimbursements.

Limit = $75.00 per day per department

Petty Cash Request forms must be complete, with full GL number, and approved/signed by department heads and faculty chairs.

Receipts and remaining cash are due back to the cashier by the end of the next business day. The college does not reimburse for sales tax if the purchase is over $10.00. Individual should request a tax exempt form if purchasing items subject to sales tax.

No further advances will be disbursed until previous receipts have been collected.