IP and Analog Phones

Hartwick’s phone system supports:

  • IP and analog phones in administrative and academic areas
  • Analog phones in residence halls

Campus analog phones have features that you may find useful to you. The list below covers what those analog phone features are and how they are used:

Basic Features

Answer a Second Call:
While on call, flash the hookswitch button

Make a Call:
Lift handset
Dial 8 plus telephone number OR
Dial extension number (dial 0 for operator)

Place a Call on Hold:
While on call, flash the hookswitch button
Dial *7
Replace handset

Get Call Off of Hold:
(From Your Phone)
Lift handset
Dial *9


Advanced Features

Callback (When busy):
Dial #
Replace handset

Call Pickup (For Any Phone):
Lift handset
Dial *22
Dial extenstion number of ringing phone

Transfer a Call:
While on a call, flash the hookswitch button or press the flash
Dial extension number
Announce call, hang up OR just hang up

Get Call Off of Hold:
(From Other Phone)
Lift handset
Dial #7
Dial extension # where call is on hold

Quick Reference Guides to Analog Phone Features

Model 5304 Quick Reference Guide
Model 5320 Quick Reference Guide
Model 5340 Quick Reference Guide
Model 5360 Quick Reference Guide

On campus, to reach a campus phone: Dial the four-digit extension (e.g., 4357).

Calls within the 607 area code: Dial 8+the number.  Note: Calls to some villages withing the 607 area code (e.g. Cooperstown and Walton) are long distance calls.

Long-distance dialing:

  1. Lift handset, or press your speaker button.
  2. Press 8+1+(area code)+phone number.

International calling: Press 8+011+country code+city code+the number.  You will then be prompted to enter a code by an automated recording and a long tone.  The permission code you will need to enter is 13820.