Committee on Assessment of General Education

Philosophy of Assessment.  Assessment provides an objective evaluation of the student experience. This begins with a shared understanding of our goals for students and proceeds with the construction of curricula and pedagogical practices intended to help students grow their skills and proficiencies across the span of their Hartwick education. Data collected through assessment practices help us to identify curricular and pedagogical practices working as we intended, and ones that can be strengthened by change. A process of assessment that measures student proficiencies at all stages of their Hartwick experience serves to highlight locations along the path of learning where student achievement can be most improved and therefore where changes are most likely to improve the student experience.

The mission of the Committee is to develop a curricular assessment plan and the mechanisms and processes necessary to implement that plan, which honors academic freedom and prioritizes the evaluation of student learning.

The Committee operates with these core values:

  • Consensus, collaboration, and inclusion in the development and practice of assessment.
  • The application of methods and strategies that are sustainable, iterative, and that inform our efforts to support student’s achievement of the FlightPath Outcomes.
  • The implementation of assessment that honors the expertise of all those who work to build student proficiencies.
  • The implementation of assessment that includes both curricular and co-curricular student experiences and is directed towards improving student learning.

Members of the Committee are elected by the faculty with equal representation from the three academic divisions of the College: Arts & Humanities, Natural & Physical Sciences, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. The Coordinator for the Assessment of General Education serves as the Chair.