Hartwick College’s Pine Lake Environmental Campus is a private facility for the use of the Hartwick College community.

*Public membership is currently not available. Public access is available through our Friends of Pine Lake membership program.

Members can take advantage of all that Pine Lake has to offer – hiking, biking, muscle-powered boating, nature trails, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and more!

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Students and faculty are busy with summer research projects, internships, session 1-3 courses, and workshops are some of the academic focuses onsite.  The trees are in full leaf, the birds are back, and day visits at the lake are at a peak. Rowboats, canoes and kayaks are available for use during daylight hours.

Fishing is permitted in the lake and the adjacent trout stream, the Charlotte Creek. Catch and release is encouraged for bass only. All New York State regulations apply.

Pine Lake’s trails and grounds are open sun rise to sun set for hiking and biking.

NO Swimming is allowed in Pine Lake


College students begin to return in Mid-August. Pine Lake resident students arrive to move into their cabins for the year. Around the first weekend in October, the fall colors reach their peak. Red Maples, sugar maples and beech and oaks transform the woods. The hawk migration is underway, and migrating Canada geese are a daily sight.

Boats are available May 1st through October for Hartwick College students, faculty, and staff during daylight hours.

Hiking and biking continue all year; in the fall the changing leaves make a new world out of Pine Lake’s trails.


Snow! Sledding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Pine Lake has snowshoes to loan. The hill by the lodge is popular for sledding. Pine Lake doesn’t have skis or skates to loan; bring your own.

On the trails, look for tracks and signs of wildlife: snowshoe hare, deer, fox, bobcat, owl – predator and prey both write daily journals in the snow.


The lake thaws, and open water brings evidence of beaver activity, returning migrating geese and fisher-people. Some students are at the lake every day after class to relax and unwind with rod and reel. Frisbees, shorts and tanktops appear when the weather breaks and the ground is dry and the air warm.

The boats are set out again. Students come explore around after or during class, watching returning songbirds.

The days get warmer as the turtles start laying eggs. Summer is coming!