Health Forms

Download Hartwick Student Health Forms:

Incoming Student Medical Examination & Immunization Forms DUE JULY 15th 

All incoming students are required to have a complete immunization record and a physical examination within 12 months prior to their arrival on the Hartwick College campus. The Certificate of Medical Examination forms must be completed and returned to Perrella Health Center prior to attending classes Most students will need to complete pages 1-6, athletes complete pages 1-8. Please note that additional requirements for nursing majors are found on a separate area of the immunization form.

Other Forms:

Returning Nursing Majors Annual Physical Exam Form DUE JULY 15th 

Nursing Majors must update their physical examination form and tuberculosis skin testing every 12 months. While a copy of your provider’s physical that includes all of the data on this form will be accepted, a copy of the Nursing Majors Annual Physical Exam Form signed by the student must be attached to it.

Pre-participation Physical Evaluation for Intercollegiate –
Returning Athletes Only Form DUE JULY 15th

Intercollegiate Athletes must update their history and physical form every 12 months to maintain eligibility.

Authorization for Release of Medical Information

Student Health Insurance Website – CDPHP

Hartwick offers insurance to students at additional cost through a partnership with CDPHP. Students who elect coverage through the College CDPHP plan may access a dedicated website that provides resources and answers to questions with the click of a mouse. See the Office of Student Accounts for more information on coverage and cost. 

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