Land Use Policy

Pine Lake staff and Hartwick College Campus Safety will communicate the Land Use Policy, enforce its following, and approve specific use request from Hartwick faculty, students and staff, and the outside community.

Should a specific use request be denied and the applicant desires to appeal, the President of the College, after consulting with the Pine Lake Vested Users Group, will make the final decision on the matter.

Area Below Charlotte Creek Road

The area below the road is primarily considered a residential and recreational area, with the exception of certain areas (such as the Hemlock Swamp) that are considered ecologically sensitive. Existing research activities will continue and these, as well as identified ecologically sensitive areas and populations of endangered or protected species, will be protected from the impact of current and future recreational and residential activities. New research projects will not be initiated if they impose limits on the principal use of this section of the property, unless they have been reviewed and approved by the President of the College after consulting with the Pine Lake Vested Users Group.

Area Above Charlotte Creek Road

The area above the road is considered to be an ecological refuge, used primarily for teaching and research as well as low-impact recreational activity (such as hiking and bird watching). No activity is allowed that will negatively impact identified ecologically sensitive areas, or population of endangered or protected species without special permission and appropriate permits. Accordingly, activity will not take place there that will negatively impact current or future teaching and research work.

The principles of Pine Lake Land Use in the context of the two zones created follow:

  • Hiking and non-motorized bicycling are allowed, so long as it is non-destructive.
  • Trail building and maintenance are allowed (pre-approved permission required).
  • Motorized vehicle use is allowed for maintenance but is otherwise limited to those areas adjacent to the residential cabins and the general parking lot.
  • No buildings will be constructed or any timber harvesting activities undertaken without the specific approval of the President, who will consult with the Vested Users Group.
  • No activities will be undertaken that have a negative impact on the water quality.
  • Hunting and trapping except for research are not allowed anywhere on the Pine Lake property.
  • Fishing is allowed with a NY State fishing license; catch and release only for large mouth bass.